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21-12-08: Hattristics will not be updated anymore. All statistics remain available.


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Database Facts

Rounds: 233

Match Predictor

The Hattristics match predictor helps you to find the best tactics for your team, optimizes your chances to win against your hardest rival, and assist you in dominating the betting game in your league.

Remember that the Hattrick game engine is an unpredictable beast, even the worst team can sometimes win against the world champion. And even the best predictor will not achieve 100% accuracy. Keep this in mind. Having said that, the accuracy of the Hattristics match predictor is at about 78%.


In Hattristics, ratings are entered as follows: a number representing the level immediately followed by a letter for the sublevel (a = min, b = low, c = high, d = max). E.g. Solid (low) is represented as 7b. For more info on Hattristics ratings, go here.

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